Intercoms Gallo Manor

Intercom products help to keep your building, parking garage, school, hospital and any commercial building safe.

Workplace safety and security is a growing concern for many business owners. With a highly competitive climate and slim profit margins, businesses must look at every avenue to protect assets, employees and inventory. Vandalism is also an expensive recurring problem for businesses and homeowners.

If you currently operate an open door policy, it is possible for anyone to walk into your building or onto your domestic property without the authority to do so. There are two main risks of unauthorized people entering your place of business; they might be unaware of security or safety procedures, and therefore could be at risk in an emergency, or they might pose a direct threat to your place of work or home occupants. If you’re unaware of who is in your building at any time then it can in no way be considered secure.

Most companies also offer intercom solutions for multi-unit buildings. If your building shares an entrance with other businesses, door stations with multiple call buttons are available.

Providing an effective and modern door and gate access system impacts the lives of your family and employees every day. Consequently, it’s important to have reliable and user-friendly solutions that work for you day in and day out. Add Security cameras and you now have video verification. Property values increase significantly with the addition of electric fencing, CCTV cameras and Intercom Systems – all part and parcel of significant and legal security options today.

When an occupant or user is unavailable, video or voice intercom calls can be diverted directly to a mobile phone. The name directory can also be inserted and updated remotely.

Ask your certified installer for an on-site consultation to determine the best way to provide a workable solution for your home and business safety concerns.

Intercoms Gallo Manor