What voltage is electric fencing?

The voltage of an electric fence should vary from about 2000 to about 10,000 volts. A 10,000 volt output is the maximum voltage allowed by national and international regulations. The voltage that is used depends on the power of the shock desired and the distance on the fence that can be shocked up to. Thisis another reason why this type of fencing should only be installed by a certified company to ensure no snags exist that could be damaging or even fatal to man and beast alike.


Do electric fences use a lot of electricity? 

Typically no and on average you will only see a slight increase in your electricity usage bill per month once you have installed your fence. Electric fences remain a really cost-effective way to create an effective perimeter deterrent on either domestic or company premises..


Does rain affect an electric fence? 

Indeed – rain damage is common since the electric fence can lose some voltage during and after rain, especially if your insulators are not good enough – for example when the electric fence wiring is touching a wooden fence post that is normally non-conductive or touching weeds and overgrown plants. Your plants should be regularly cut back to improve your insulators. The bigger the electric fence is, the better it will remain in good condition if exposed to the elements.


Will weeds or other overgrown plants around my electric fence short it out?

Weeds and overgrown plant areas are known as “plants out of place”. Weeds can be a major problem on electric fences that are left unchecked. Weeds and other plants can short the current outputof a fence charger, causing it to overwork and having a much lower than needed current on the fence line, lessening the efficacy of your fence significantly.


Can an electrical fence start a fire?

It is a common practice to switch off electric fences at times of extreme fire danger and during fire bans due to dry weather. When sparks jump from one wire to another in the presence of dry vegetation, electric fences may cause a fire. Check electric fences regularly to make sure the wires are free of grass, weeds and other vegetation.